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 Eagle Ridge Rentals comfort packages available to enhance your vacation time with your family.   These options are in limited supply booked on a first come basis.


Package  A) $65 (per/week with RV Rental)

- Portable Stainless Steel BBQ c/w cooking utensils

- Awning Matt 

- (2) LARGE Plush Camp Chairs


Package B)  $25 each/day with RV Rental or $25 for ½ day  / $40 for Full Day (NO RV)

- Stand up Paddle Board Kit complete


Package C)  $25/ day with RV Rental   / or $35 for full day  (NO RV)

- 3 Person Tube (great fun on the water)


Package D) LARGE Yard Games $Various /day with RV Rental or $25 for full day (NO RV)

- Large Yardzee Game


- LARGE CHESS (24" playing pieces) coming soon

- LARGE CHECKERS (24" playing Pieces) coming soon

-LARGE Connect 4 game / coming soon


Exciting new Winter rentals Availble.


Snowmobiles Availible to Rent.

A) 4 stroke snowmobiles

B) 2 stroke snowmobiles

C) Kids 120 snowmobiles



A) Towable Ice Castle FISH HOUSE/ camping trailers (fully equipped to stay on the ice)

B) Ice Fishing Tent / FULL fish packages (fully equipped to get your group on the ice)

C) Generators to power all your fun.

D) prepackaged Firewood (split and wrapped / ready to use)